Last weekend I participated in the OAWK-atelierroute. People could do a tour to visit multiple artists in Wateringen and Kwintsheul. I joined a group exhibition with seven of my family-members. It was an amazing weekend! Not only did I enjoy seeing all artworks of my very creative family. But I also enjoyed talking to the many visitors who came by. […]
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Studio & Gallery Bram van Baalen

Last Saturday the time had finally come. My exhibition at Studio & Gallery Bram van Baalen in Spijkenisse was opened! It was a fantastic afternoon. Bram and Ada had arranged the opening down to the last detail. The exhibition can be seen until April 2, 2022 in Studio&Gallery on the Voorstraat in Spijkenisse. Afgelopen zaterdag was het eindelijk zover. Mijn […]
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Auction ‘Artists for Ukraine’

I brought this beautiful painting to Venduhuis in Rotterdam. On Mach 18th they will organize a charity auction for the Ukraine. Ik bracht dit prachtige schilderij naar Venduhuis in Rotterdam. Op 18 maart organiseren ze een veiling voor de Oekraïne. Hits: 67
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Local artist inspires NYC componist

Local artist inspires NYC componist – Waddinxveen Either she has very good connections, her work stands out or she does something else very well; 45-year-old Elise Eekhout is making good progress as an artist with a studio in the former Bethel school on the Heggewinde in Waddinxveen and even manages to stand out abroad. Nicole Lamers “It can’t be connections, […]
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Music inspired by artwork

During a quarantine due to covid contamination, Elise Eekhout was approached by Margin Alexander, a New York City-based composer and pianist. One of her works of art inspired him so much that he invited her as a source of inspiration for his next concert on December 21, “December, a Blank Canvas to my Piano”. Elise Eekhout is known for the […]
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Ravi Varma Art Gallery

I have had the honor of being invited by Prof.(Dr)Pintu Mishra as a guest artists for the exhibition in the Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery in Meerut, India.  In this difficult time, art offers comfort and hope. At the same time, art offers the opportunity to reflect and confront society. This exhibition in the Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery is not only […]
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The Colorfield performance 2021

The Colorfield Performance is becoming a known name in the visual arts. This is a large Land-Art project, in which monumental designer and visual artist Dirk Hakze collaborates with other artists. The idea behind this is that from a common concept individual contributions flow together into one large colorful unit. This makes it possible to create large works of art […]
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Blog: “Autumn”

Elise Eekhout | Artist | Kunstenaar | Tree or forest painting | Boom of bos schilderij | impressionism & expressionism | Impressionisme & expressionisme
It is wonderful to start a new painting. Nothing is fixed and everything is possible. The beautiful fall colors outside inspire me and remind me of last spring’s lockdown.
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Blog: “Forests hot as fire…”

2 MAAL EE | Elise Eekhout | Corona Stories | Torenhoog 01
I asked my followers on Instagram and Facebook to vote for my painting that entered the contest ‘Painting of the Year’. A lot of my followers did do so, for which I am very grateful. But I never showed the painting properly. So, I’m going to show you the painting and tell you why I made this painting and what my inspiration was.
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Blog: “Colorblindness”

Elise Eekhout | Artist | Kunstenaar | Colorful floral painting | Kleurrijk bloemen schilderij | figurative art | figuratieve kunst | colorblindness | kleurenblind
My son has colorblindness and therefore thinks the painting with the yellow and orange flowers is 'boring'. With the help of my son and a special app, I will make the same kind of flower painting but with different colors. Colors that are beautiful for someone with red / green color blindness. Colors that stand out and attracts attention. At the same time I will tell you more about colorblindness.
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Blog: “Corona Diary”

Elise Eekhout | Artist | Kunstenaar | abstract urban painting abstract stedelijk schilderij | impressionism & expressionism | Impressionisme & expressionisme
It is wonderful to paint from a feeling, even if this feeling isn’t a happy feeling. During the spring corona lockdown, I kept a diary. Before I started painting, I read a number of passages in my diary. The feeling of that strange, uncertain period therefore forms the basis for this painting.
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Blog: “Corona-Stories”

Elise Eekhout | Art | Kunst | abstract urban painting abstract stedelijk schilderij | impressionism & expressionism | Impressionisme & expressionisme
Part of the Storie-series was made during corona-lockdown. These are the Corona-Stories: 'Tranquil Cities, Longing to go Outside'. The influence of the environment always plays a role in the creation of art. This unique period also leaves its mark in the arts.
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