Art inspires composer (again)

Margin Alexander
A year back, I was invited by Margin Alexander, a New York City based composer and pianist. He invited me with my art as an inspiration for his December concert. The collaboration went so well that I have been invited with my art as guest of honor and source of inspiration for his concert. Margin Alexander is a composer and […]
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Newspaper: “Local artist inspires NYC componist”

Local artist inspires NYC componist – Waddinxveen Either she has very good connections, her work stands out or she does something else very well; 45-year-old Elise Eekhout is making good progress as an artist with a studio in the former Bethel school on the Heggewinde in Waddinxveen and even manages to stand out abroad. Nicole Lamers “It can’t be connections, […]
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Music inspired by artwork

During a quarantine due to covid contamination, Elise Eekhout was approached by Margin Alexander, a New York City-based composer and pianist. One of her works of art inspired him so much that he invited her as a source of inspiration for his next concert on December 21, “December, a Blank Canvas to my Piano”. Elise Eekhout is known for the […]
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