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This website is part of the Dutch Culture
As part of the initiative of the Royal Library to save a selection of Dutch websites for future research, the Royal Library will also archive and store my website for the long term. As a national library, the Royal Library is legally responsible for collecting, describing and storing publications published in the Netherlands, whether or not electronically. The Royal Library […]
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2 MAAL EE | Elise Eekhout | Corona Stories | Tranquil City 01
Part of the Storie-series was made during corona-lockdown. These are the Corona-Stories: 'Tranquil Cities, Longing to go Outside'. The influence of the environment always plays a role in the creation of art. This unique period also leaves its mark in the arts.
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‘Lost’, new painting

2 MAAL EE | Elise Eekhout | Stories | Lost

This week Eekhout completed a new painting in the Story-series: 'Lost'. The painting has beautiful fall colors. As with all paintings in this series, the painting changes as the light changes.

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