The Colorfield performance 2021

The Colorfield Performance

The Colorfield Performance is a fantastic spectacle: Four hundred to five hundred artists working all summer in groups of six people. Each painting a large panel as part of a gigantic color field that grows every week. I have been offered to make a contribution to this amazing art-project.

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Summer Art Festival

Summer Art Festival

Virtual Artists have invited me to join their Summer Art Festival this summer! It's a completely new experience where you walk through a virtual gallery.

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2 MAAL EE | Elise Eekhout | Corona Stories | Winter 01 | portret

It is wonderful to fantasize new dreams. Nothing is fixed and everything is possible because dreams have no limitations.

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Elise Eekhout @Zatista

I am thrilled to let you know that I have been approved and activated bij Zatista!

Zatista is a highly curated gallery that only accepts roughly 5% of all artists who apply.
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2 MAAL EE | Elise Eekhout | Corona Stories | Autumn 01 | painting

It is wonderful to start a new painting. Nothing is fixed and everything is possible. The beautiful fall colors outside inspire me and remind me of last spring’s lockdown.

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Saatchi Art

Elise Eekhout @SaatchiArt

I’m proud to announce that my artworks are also available at the famous online gallery Saatchi Art.

Saatchi Art is an online art gallery and ...
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Forests hot as fire…

2 MAAL EE | Elise Eekhout | Corona Stories | Torenhoog 01

I asked my followers on Instagram and Facebook to vote for my painting that entered the contest ‘Painting of the Year’. A lot of my followers did do so, for which I am very grateful. But I never showed the painting properly. So, I’m going to show you the painting and tell you why I made this painting and what my inspiration was.

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Colorblindness Project

Elise Eekhout | Corona-Stories | Big & Growth 02 | Colorblindness

My son has colorblindness and therefore thinks the painting with the yellow and orange flowers is 'boring'. With the help of my son and a special app, I will make the same kind of flower painting but with different colors. Colors that are beautiful for someone with red / green color blindness. Colors that stand out and attracts attention. At the same time I will tell you more about colorblindness.

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Children are creative by nature

2 MAAL EE | Elise Eekhout | Quote: "Childern use their imagination and creativity by nature. We must encourage and cultivate that quality"

Children are not yet aware of the limitations of our world. Therefore they are free in their thinking. Rather than unlearning children that quality, we should encourage and cultivate it. So that they grow up to be imaginative and creative adults capable of coming up with creative solutions to unexpected problems.

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